Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disappearance of David Kelso

David Kelso set off on his customary winter afternoon walk in Calabria and never returned. Extensive searches were in vain; he had disappeared without trace. There have been no further developments. We are left with a void and a mystery.
David led his life between Scotland and Italy. He always seemed to appear on important occasions. The sense that he will reappear remains, irrational though it may seem. No-one wishes to write obituaries. We still are waiting for news – any news.
David was big in every sense; his conviviality was legendary. He had Scottish dimensions and British. In Scotland he was an SEA Past-President and a committee member; in England he was a former Director of EAB and Secretary of the Management Committee. If he had an idea, he argued it with force - even with impatience. He spoke plainly in a way which was very Scottish. He always wished things to be clearly expressed in writing; he disliked fuzzy thinking.
But in his essential being he was a sociable man who enjoyed food and drink and debate.
Colleagues have been traumatized by his disappearance in the Calabrian hills in such unusual circumstances; yet strangely we still have the notion that a door will open and he will impinge upon us again after another Italian sojourn.

From Scottish Esperanto Bulletin : 01/11