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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disappearance of David Kelso

David Kelso set off on his customary winter afternoon walk in Calabria and never returned. Extensive searches were in vain; he had disappeared without trace. There have been no further developments. We are left with a void and a mystery.
David led his life between Scotland and Italy. He always seemed to appear on important occasions. The sense that he will reappear remains, irrational though it may seem. No-one wishes to write obituaries. We still are waiting for news – any news.
David was big in every sense; his conviviality was legendary. He had Scottish dimensions and British. In Scotland he was an SEA Past-President and a committee member; in England he was a former Director of EAB and Secretary of the Management Committee. If he had an idea, he argued it with force - even with impatience. He spoke plainly in a way which was very Scottish. He always wished things to be clearly expressed in writing; he disliked fuzzy thinking.
But in his essential being he was a sociable man who enjoyed food and drink and debate.
Colleagues have been traumatized by his disappearance in the Calabrian hills in such unusual circumstances; yet strangely we still have the notion that a door will open and he will impinge upon us again after another Italian sojourn.

From Scottish Esperanto Bulletin : 01/11


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