Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Scottish Esperanto Study Weekend

This annual 2-day event finished today; the only disappointment was the lack of beginners.

The advanced programme was of the highest quality. All items were in Esperanto; and the level and variety of the contributions clearly indicates that Esperanto is a high-level language, and not a crude medium for routine communication.

Lectures themes included: William Soutar, the Scottish poet; the war experiences of Alan Whickers; the World Esperanto Congress in Florence; and a visit to India.

There was also an interesting focus group session re Esperanto,

Esperanto games and music provided challenge and pleasant relaxation.

Conversation during meals and breaks was vigorous.

The excursion was to Scone palace, one of the great houses of Scotland. It is pronounced "skoon"!

Scottish Churches House, Dunblane, was as always a comfortable and welcoming conference centre. Dunblane itself was most attractive in the autumn sunshine.

Everyone learned something; language skills were honed; vocabulary increased; and the evolution of Esperanto was given further impetus, as contemporary themes were tackled.

Thanks are due to Hugh Reid, the study Weekend organiser.