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Friday, August 29, 2008

Salisbury Esperanto Congress

Next year the British Esperanto Congress (17/20 April) is well away from the Scottish Congres which will take place in Dundee in June; so it is feasible to visit both.

The organiser of the British Congress is former SEA President, Jean Bisset; so there is a real Scottish dimension.

Salisbury is the quintessional English cathedral city; and the venue for the congress will be Sarum College, which is in the Cathedral Close.

At present the programme is under active preperation.

A unique feature of the Congress will be the celebration of the 150th anneverserary of Dr. Zamenhof's birth, as by a happy coincidence, the congress occurs during the exact date!

Further details are available from Viv O'Dunne the administrator of the Esperanto Association of Britain.

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