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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Edinburgh Celebration of Zamenhof

The Scottish capital was cold but with indications of the coming festivities agreeably complementing its glorious architecture.

The venue (on 1 December 2007) was St. Mark's Unitarian Church: an unusual ecclesiastical essay by the great David Bryce.

During the morning the Scottish Committee really laboured; it was one of the most important meeting of recent years: the results will emerge in the coming months!

In the afternoon others arrived, and we celebrated Dr. Zamenhof by looking analytically at Esperanto, his astonishing gift to the world.

Girvan Mckay (From Ireland) delivered the lecture: thoughtful, challenging, humorous and in impeccable Esperanto. It was followed by 45 minutes of questions and observations.

After that we all attacked the festive table, and informally honed our Esperanto.


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