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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Volapük surge

Volapük has never quite died; in fact, its literature is bigger than most people imagine. However, it has recently made an unexpected impact on Wikipedia. In a few months, the number of articles in Volapük has increased from 5000 to 110,000.

What lies behind this unexpected phenomenon? The use of a bot which has grabbed information from existing articles about towns in Europe and the United States and subjected them to machine-translation. The articles are all stumps (fragments); and I cannot really comment concerning the quality of the Volapük.

All this has caused a minor stir. The initiator of this project has indicated that his aim has been to raise awareness. He has probably succeeded; but whether Volapük will benefit is problematical.

However, even for historical reasons, all those who are interested in planned languages should learn at least a little about Volapük; Wikipedia, as always, can prove of assistance!

And if you want to read about Volapuko in Esperanto click that link!



At 6:32 pm, Blogger Brian said...

Kial vi reklamas Volapukon David

At 10:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

laŭ mi, ne temas pri reklamo - nur komento pri volapuko en vikipedio. iu ajn kiu esploros la komparan staton de vikipedio en esperanto kaj volapuko tuj vidos ke estas granda kvalita diferenco inter ili. ankaŭ, iu ajn kiu esploros pri esperanto eltrovos pri la ekzisto (kaj la malavantaĝoj, mi supozas) de volapuk.



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