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Monday, March 10, 2008

Accommodation in Inverness

Events can often impinge upon Congresses. Inverness is no exception! A huge event, Rock Ness, is overlapping with the Congress; so all types of accommodation are under heavy demand.

We urge you to book accommodation ASAP. As you are reading this blog on the Net, you can search , , and many other possibilities.

If you have huge problems, contact President David Hannah at:




At 9:49 pm, Blogger Tomas said...

I sorry that Esperanto people have a huge problem with accommodation in Inverness.

My huge problem is the fact that this ghetto-like language still continues.

Get over it! English is already the global language accepted by all.

At 2:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Tomas:
I guess you didn't hear then about the naive young Briton who planned on walking from Bristol to India, but forgot to reckon with the fact that they speak French in France, not English, and gave up after a short while on French soil because neither he nor his companions knew any French?

Here is some of the French reaction to this:
Oh, sorry! You probably won't understand it, as most of it is in French. Many of them seem to think that English-speakers are linguistically arrogant pr*cks.

And what is ghetto-like about the 7 points of the Prague Manifesto?:
Ignoti nulla cupido! [Ovid]

At 8:53 pm, Blogger Brian said...

If you think that Esperanto speakers in Scotland have a ghetto-like mentality, can I ask why eight British MP's have nominated the language for the Nobel Peace Prize this year?

At 10:07 pm, Blogger The GreaterSpeyside team: said...


I work in tourism in the area and can help people out if they're looking for accommodation. Just send me an email at

Also check web sites like:


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