Esperanto-Asocio de Skotlando


Monday, September 20, 2004

Scottish Esperanto Study Weekend 2004

Participants had a stimulating time at during the annual weekend at Scottish Churches House, Dunblane; and the language level was high.

The main theme was Dr. Albert Goodheir, Esperanto poet, translator, publisher, philosopher and warm human being. Phyllis Goodheir, his widow, gave two touching lectures about his life. Muriel Shackleton analysed his poetry. Hugh Reid lead a fascinating practical exercise based upon one of his translations.

Albert was born in Utrecht; so the Dutch theme was not neglected. There was a slide show about the Zuider Zee; and a lecture about the minority languages of The Netherlands.

David Bisset endeavored to clarify the philosophy of Spinoza, the scholar who greatly influenced Albert Goodheir.

The excursion was to Culross in Fife, a charming town which architecturally shows much Dutch influence.

Oni lernas per Esperanto!


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